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10 important points must need to do before moving to Canada

Immigrating to Canada as a new immigrant can be challenging however one of the most precious experiences. Most people consider moving to Canada due to the friendly people, exquisite natural beauty, high standard of living, and enormous job opportunities. However, before proceeding with the immigration process, the candidates need to take some of the points into consideration to avoid any debacle.

In this blog, we will explain the top 10 points which are important to do before moving to Canada.

1. Proper Documentation

Candidates must have a proper document checklist while they are moving to Canada. The following documents are important to obtain:

The type of permit you need depends on the reason you are moving there. Candidates must start their documentation process as soon as possible because it might take several days or months to get the necessary documents.

2. Finding Accommodation

Finding accommodation before you migrate to Canada is very important. You can search for accommodation through an online portal (like Khijiji.com), a real estate agent, or on social media. You can directly communicate with the concerned person based on the need & budget. Candidates also need to check about the public transportation facility in the particular province where they are moving.

3. Explore the Cost of Living

The cost of living in Canada always varies from province to province. When an immigrant is moving to a particular province, they must ensure to calculate the cost of living in that place, as though through this research they can be ensured whether expenses to stay in that province can be in their budget or not.

4. Bank Account

Nowadays, new immigrants can open their bank account in Canada from their native country online by submitting a few necessary documents. Opening a bank account is very important for a new candidate to manage his finances. However, before opening a bank account candidates must evaluate the offers, facilities, and interest rates of different banks & then only can land to a conclusion.

5. Applying Social Insurance Number (SIN)

A social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit unique number that is used for the identity of an individual in Canada. Candidates must need to obtain SIN to get employment or avail of any Government services in Canada. Individuals should apply for this document in the Service Canada office.

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6. Knowing the Culture

Canada has a diverse population from all over the world. Moreover, you must learn & adapt to the culture of the destination province. Learning the culture always helps you to adjust more effectively. Most of the new immigrants try to learn the local language so that the communication process with others can be smooth & transparent.

7. Healthcare Facilities

Canada provides free healthcare benefits to their inhabitants. However, this facility varies from province to province. The candidates must check the local health facilities of the provinces before entering Canada. You can also purchase health insurance which can provide coverage for your medical expenses.

8. Local Transportation

As a new immigrant, it’s very important to check the public transportation in their province. More than 80% of new candidates initially depend upon public transit, therefore knowledge about this facility is important. In some provinces of Canada, public transport like buses, trains, metro, and local cabs are readily available however, in other provinces personal cars may be necessary.

9. Kid’s Education

Canada holds a world-class education system, public institutes offer free education to their residents. As a new immigrant, you must evaluate the suitable education options for your kids before moving to Canada, as there is a difference between the Indian & Canadian education systems.

10. Weather conditions

Canada has diverse weather conditions with hot summers & harsh winters. There are certain provinces where temperatures go down below -30 degrees during winter. Therefore, new immigrants must check the weather conditions in the local province where they are planning to settle. And it is important to prepare for the same by purchasing local winter clothes, snow boots, etc.

Moving to Canada is a great experience, however, careful planning & evaluation must be required for a smooth transition. Your immigration experience will always be better if you are well-planned & well-researched.

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