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102 Invitations Issued By BC PNP In Latest Tech Draw

On January 4, British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program has issued invitations for 102 tech worker candidates in any of the 29 key occupations to apply for provincial nomination.

British Columbia PNP is a pathway for high-demand foreign workers and experienced entrepreneurs to get permanent residency in British Columbia.

It offers three pathways to become its PR having different categories to apply under like job, skill level, or international student status. Candidates can choose any of the 29 occupations prescribed by the Canadian government.

Candidates invited through tech draw must meet the eligibility criteria of one of British Columbia’s Express Entry and Skills Immigration categories having a minimum provincial score of 80. Also, the candidate should come under Skilled Worker and International Graduate subcategories.

Invited candidates have 30 calendar days to apply for the nomination.

Express Entry BC

It is one of the faster ways to immigrate to British Columbia for those eligible skilled workers who qualify for the federal economic immigration program. The program uses points-based invitations and a web-based registration & application process.

Skills Immigration

This program is for skilled and semi-skilled workers in high-demand occupations in British Columbia. It also uses a points-based invitation system. The registering and applying process is online for BC PNP and a paper application process for permanent residency

Distribution of BC PNP draw, January 4, 2022

Total Invitations- 102

Immigration StreamsMinimum SIRS Score
EEBC- Skilled Worker80
EEBC- International Graduate80
SI- Skilled Worker80
SI- International Graduate80
british columbia pnp

Latest BC PNP Draws

BC PNP Tech Program:

BC PNP Tech offers individuals in 29 tech occupations a focused pathway to Permanent Residency there. This program recruits and retains international talent when local skilled workers are not available. It has supported over 6000 tech workers to be nominated for PR since 2017.

British Columbia has continuously been developing the highest quality local talent by introducing students to technology, expanding the tech training and education in post-secondary institutions, and creating great work experience opportunities for the students.

BC PNP Tech Job Offers:

If the person has a valid job offer under one of the 29 eligible occupations, then their job offer must be for at least one year, and the job offer must have at least 120 days remaining at the time of application.

BC PNP issues weekly invitations to the qualified candidates who have a valid job offer in 29 key occupations. Both the employer and the employee should meet all the eligibility requirements at the time of registration in order to get an ITA.

All the applications are prioritized according to the occupation. Candidates who are invited need to submit the complete application. After that, BC PNP will access the application within 2-3 months.

If the application gets approved the candidate will receive the nomination confirmation that can be used to apply for PR with IRCC.
PNP candidates additionally get a boost of 600 points in their CRS score, thus having higher chances of getting ITA for permanent residence.

Check out 29 occupations eligible for the BC PNP Tech Pilot

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