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358 Immigration Candidates are invited in new B.C. PNP Draw

British Columbia has invited 358 foreign workers & international students through the PNP draw held on October 26, 2021.

The minimum score required for the draw ranges between 68 to 91.

Candidates who belong to the category Express Entry BC (EEBC) and Skills Immigration (SI) received the invitations in this new PNP draw. Skilled Workers, International Graduates, and Entry-level and Semi-Skilled subcategories of EEBC & SI were issued the invitation more specifically.

Why British Columbia?

With its abundance of beauty and most places to settle within, British Columbia has become one of the desirable destinations to study, work, and live.

BC provides a lot of benefits to the people lining there.

  • High Living Standards
  • Affordable Health Care System
  • Diversified Culture
  • Safe Environment
  • Wages and Benefits
  • Lots of workplaces and Industries
canada pnp draw
B.C. Express Entry Process:

Step 1: Registration

The first step in the process is registration with SIRS, Skills Immigration Registration System. By registering with SIRS, BC gets the access to applicant’s education, job, B.C. location, language ability, and wages. Then the application gets reviewed against the labor market needs of the province.

All the applicants must meet the minimum program and category requirements.

Who should register with BC PNP?

The candidates who come under the EEBC Skilled Worker and EEBC International Graduate categories need to register with SIRS. EEBC Healthcare Professionals & EEBC International Post Graduate candidates can directly apply through BCPNP Online. Applicants from all other categories must first register through BCPNP Online.

Before Registering

The candidate must complete its IRCC Express Entry profile, and he meet the requirements of one of the following immigration programs:

If the candidate meets the minimum criteria for one of the economic immigration programs, then he will receive an Express Entry profile number and a Job Seeker validation code. After that, he can register with BC PNP. 


Skills Immigration Registration System is a points-based application system that helps the province to rank and select the best workers to meet labor market needs.

How to register?
  • Create an online profile with BCPNP Online.
  • Complete all the sections of the registration.
  • Submit your application.

Step 2: Invitation

Eligible applicants under the EEBC Skilled Worker and EEBC International Graduate categories will receive an invitation to apply under the Express Entry BC stream. Invitations are issued based on the BC PNP’s annual nomination allocation and processing capacity.

The invited candidates have up to 30 calendar days, from the date of receiving the invitation, to submit their application into BC PNP.

The highest-scoring candidates are invited to the BC PNP draws held. Those who do not receive an ITA by the BC PNP can take steps for improving their SIRS scores.

Step 3: Application

After receiving the application to apply, the candidate has to submit a complete application within 30 days.

Health Care Professionals and International Post-Graduates do not require an invitation and can apply directly through BC PNP Online.

Step 4: Nomination

This is the last step in the process. If the application gets approved then the candidate will receive a provincial nomination and apply to IRCC for PR.

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