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Alberta is adding family members to the eligibility criteria

The international candidates having family relatives in Alberta will now receive extra consideration under the AAIP, Alberta Advantage Immigration Program.

The program has added having relatives in the province to their candidate selection criteria for its Express Entry stream.

All the candidates who have listed their profiles in Express Entry Pool having immediate family members (parents. child, sister, or brother who are having the PR or citizenship status of the country) living in Alberta will now get extra points added in selection criteria.

The extra points added will increase the chances of receiving the Invitation to Apply.
The province believes that the immediate family ties will help the new immigrants to settle there more easily.

alberta express entry stream

The update will only make changes to Alberta Express Entry Stream, adding the selection criteria without impacting any selection factors (for instance, having a job offer from a company in Alberta or, being a graduate of an Albertan Post Secondary Institution.
“This is not a family reunification plan” said Minister of Trade, Immigration and Multiculturism in Alberta, Rajan Sawhney. Per the change the Alberta Express Entry stream is now able to allocate 25% of its NOIs to individuals with both immediate family ties in Alberta, and who have experience in in-demand occupations that the province requires workers for.

AAIP Program helps the employers to address labour shortages in the province. In the last month only, Alberta had massive growth with adding almost 41,000 new jobs in December, 2022 in the private sector.
Currently the province is having 1,00,000 job vacancies, with a prediction of cumulative shortage of over 33,000 workers across multiple occupation & sectors by 2025.

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