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Australia Immigration new rules in 2023-24

Australia has imposed a new rules for the immigrants for the candidates planning to apply for Study Visa, Permanent Residency, Spouse Visa, or Temporary Residential Permit in the year 2023-24.

If you want to apply for Australia this year, you have to keep in mind the updated rules & regulations for visa processing. Within the last few months, Australia has made multiple changes in the visa rules & application processing.

Here are the new rules for Australia immigration which became applicable from 1st July 2023:
  • Australia is allocating more than 75% visa applications for the skill migrants like International Graduates, Employer Sponsored Skill Workers, General Skill migrations.

Kindly find the details in the chart where you can find how Australia is planning to nominate applications through various skill categories. As per Government, 1,90,000 quota has been proposed for 2023-24:

Visa StreamVisa CategoryPlannin Levels 2023-24
SkillSkill Independent30,375
Employer Sponsorship36,825
State/Territory Nominated30,400
Business Innovation & Investment1,900
Global Talent (independent)5,000
Distinguished Talent300
Skill Total1,37,100
Other Family500
Family Total52,500
Special Eligibility400
Total Migration Programme190,000
  • Part Time Working Hours Limit for International students

Post Covid-19, the Australian Government allowed international students to work 40 hours per week. However, from 1st July 2023 students no longer can work full time but they can work upto 48 hours per fortnight.

  • Graduate work stream visa – Subclass 485

i) occupation should be in the Medium & Long term occupation list.
ii) Skill Assessment is required at the time of application submission.

  • Extended stay – Subclass 485

This is exciting news for International students in Australia who have accomplished a degree from Australian University in the field of Engineering, Health, Teaching or Agriculture are able to extend their Subclass 485 visa from 1st July 2023 onwards.
Number of years they can extend their visa post study has mentioned below:
i) 4 years for Bachelor degree (in selected education)
ii) 5 years for Master degree (in selected education)
iii) 6 years for PHD (in selected education)
Applicants who have done their study from Regional Australia areas, can be able to get 2 years additional extension in their post-study work permit.

  • Visa application charges

From 1st July 2023 onwards, the Australian Government is going to revise their visa application charges (increased by 6%-40%) across their various visa categories.
Some of the revised charges are mentioned below:
i) Subclass 189/190 / 491: Primary applicant – $4,640
Secondary applicant – $2,320
Applicant below 18 years old – $1,160

ii) Subclass 500 : Student visa – $710
iii) Subclass 600: Visit/tourist/family visa – $190
iv) Subclass 309/100: $8,850

  • Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold

The temporary skilled migration income threshold will increase from 1st July 2023 onwards to $70,000 for subclass 482,494,491.
As these new changes certainly help skill workers to get the migration in Australia faster.

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