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Australia Migration Process

Australia Migration Process

Australia Migration Process

The Dept. of Home Affairs administers the Australian immigration programs. The country has one of the most efficient and robust immigration programs in the world. The General Skilled Migration Program paves a route for skilled migrants all over the world to migrate to Australia. Candidates must meet the eligibility criteria to migrate to Australia on a Permanent Resident Visa that allows them to live and work anywhere in Australia indefinitely.

Australia immigration process

The Australian skilled immigration process involves many steps on the pathway to Permanent Residency. The steps are outlined below:

Step 1: Meet the eligibility requirements

Most of the Permanent Resident Visa categories are points-tested. You must score 65 points to be eligible to apply.

You must also ensure that that your occupation is listed on any one of the Skilled Occupation List of Australia. Different visa categories have different occupation lists. However, only if your occupation is listed on any one of them do you qualify to apply. Applicants must also verify that they meet the eligibility requirements of the occupation they nominate.

Step 2: Meet the English language requirement

English is the primary language of communication in Australia. Hence, aspiring immigrants need to prove that they have the required language proficiency by taking up any one of the accepted English language tests. The English language score you need will depend on the visa category that you are applying for and the number of points you are scoring on other parameters like age, education, etc.

Step 3: Choose the right occupation from the Skilled Occupation List

Your entire immigration journey to Australia depends on the occupation you nominate on the skilled occupation list. More or less, your eligibility will be determined based on that occupation. There may be times when more than one occupation may suit your current job responsibilities. However, choosing the right occupation is an absolute must for a more favourable outcome in your PR journey. If you are facing problems in figuring out the right occupation for you, you need an expert like Niyama Immigrations. We can evaluate your profile to determine the right occupation to file your PR application under.

Step 4: Obtain a positive Skill Assessment report.

Obtaining a positive Skill Assessment report is a very important aspect of your immigration journey to Australia. A positive Skill Assessment report shows that you meet the eligibility criteria of your nominated occupation. Only with a positive Skill Assessment report can you move ahead on your immigrationjourney. This is exactly why you need guidance from immigration experts like Niyama Immigrations.

Step 5: Submit your Expression of Interest

After you get a positive Skill Assessment report, it is time to submit your Expression of Interest. An EOI signifies that you are interested in migrating to Australia. When you submit your EOI on the Skill Select website, double-check to ensure that all your information is correct.

Step 6: Apply for State/Territory nomination (if applicable)

Obtaining a state or territory nomination is mandatory in many visa categories in Australia. If you are applying under any such category, you will need to submit a separate application to the state/territory to obtain a nomination.

Step 7: Get an Invitation to Apply

You will receive an ITA provided you meet all the requirements of the visa category that you have applied under.

Step 8: Submit your PR Visa application

After you receive your ITA, you need to submit your PR Visa application within 60 days. Make sure to include all supporting documents with your application.

Step 9: Medicals and Police Clearance Certificate

Once you receive notification from the Immigration Dept., you will need to submit your medicals and police clearance certificate. Medicals are needed for the entire family, while PCC will be required for all applicants above the age of 16.

Step 10: Get a Visa Grant

The last and final step in your immigration journey is obtaining a Visa Grant. Getting a Visa Grant letter means that your Permanent Residency Visa application has been approved.

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At Niyama Immigration, we work with Registered Migration Agents accredited with Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) of Australia.According to Australian Immigration Laws, only registered migration agents are allowed to give immigration advice legally. These agents maintain up-to-date knowledge of immigration laws and regulations and can offer the best possible advice according to your circumstances. The immigration system of Australia is extremely strict. Even the smallest of errors can lead to a visa rejection. Also, Australian immigration is costly, and the government fee is non-refundable. When you have so much at stake, you need expert advice to ensure that you achieve a successful outcome. Niyama Immigration has extensive experience in Australian immigration. Our immigration experts provide step-by-step guidance on the immigration process, documentation, and all other requirements necessary for Australia PR.