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Best Immigration Consultancy In Delhi

Best Immigration Consultancy In Delhi

Best Immigration Consultancy In Delhi

We all are aware of the fact that it’s hard to migrate to another country from India without getting the help of the best immigration consultant. If, you have been looking for the best immigration expertise, your search ends here with Niyama Immigration. – one of the best and leading immigration consultancy in India, located in New Delhi. Immigration can be a complex process, and we will surely simplify for our clients. 

The mission here is to serve our client’s interest to migrate, travel or visit anywhere in the world by making the whole immigration process very smooth and easy. Services to are quick, hassle free, and confirmed results are assured. We treat each and everyone of our clients special and we endeavor to give the best solutions to all their concerns. Our service promises to give you the best results within the shortest time frames at the most affordable prices. The most reliable & affordable service for you to get a secure career and a lifestyle for the people wishing to settle abroad. 

These are the Prime Services offered by Niyama Immigration.

Study Visa 

canada student visa

Students that are looking forward to studying abroad and are keen on competing in Top Universities around the world, we will give you excellent services. We are rated as the Best Student Immigration Consultants in Delhi molding the lives of the students. Our main objective is to help provide competency and overall growth of the student.

Spouse Visa

spouse visa canada

Living together after marriage is something not every married couple can experience because one of the partners is born in a different country or one of the partners needs to shift to a different country because of work. If you are looking forward to living together, we are the perfect match for you.

Express Entry

express entry canada

Express Entry is the fastest and most popular pathway for newcomers seeking a new life in Canada. Express Entry  organizes and processes applications for people who wish to immigrate to Canada and acquire Canadian permanent residence

Permanent Residency

canada pr visa

A person who has Permanent residency has legal resident status in a country or territory, but they are not a citizen of that country. They have the right to reside as a permanent resident in that country.


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