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Canada to invite 4,65,000 new immigrants in 2023

On November 1, Canada updated its Immigration Level Plan for the year 2023-2025.

The country has been aiming to welcome 4,65,000 immigrants for the year 2023, 4,85,000 for the year 2024 & 5,00,000 for the year 2025.

The Government of the country has been aiming toward the growing economy and uniting families living abroad.

It has broken all the previous records for inviting candidates. Last year it had invited 4,05,000 immigrants & 4,32,000 this year.

Express Entry & PNP (Provincial Nomination Program) has been Canada’s major programs for immigration.

Changes in Express Entry and PNP targets:

The new targets for Express Entry landings (principal applicants, spouses, and dependents) will be as follows:

  • 82,880 in 2023
  • 1,09,020 in 2024
  • 1,14,000 in 2025

Canada Express entry Process

The new targets for PNP will be as follows:

  • 105,500 in 2023
  • 110,000 in 2024
  • 117,500 in 2025

Read more about PNP’s:

Ontario PNP
Alberta PNP
Manitoba PNP
Nova Scotia PNP
Saskatchewan PNP

Changes in PGP targets:

Family Class sponsorship has been the second most important program to invite immigrants to migrate to Canada.

The new targets for PGP will be as follows:

  • 28,500 in 2023
  • 34,000 in 2024
  • 36,000 in 2025

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Who Can Be Sponsored For Canadian Immigration?

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