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How Teer System will impact on Express Entry Application?

National occupation classification, or NOC is a rudimentary part of Canada’s skilled worker immigration program. There will be a switch from NOC to the TEER category system in Canada immigration process.

The new TEER system, will be implemented 16th November 2022 onwards.

TEER system will help the candidates to understand the skill level requirement of Canadian immigration. Post these changes, the new Training, Education, Experience, Responsibilities (TEER) system will be
used by the Canadian authority to understand a candidate’s eligibility for work experience.

Difference between NOC & TEER:

The current NOC system has five skill levels to demonstrate different occupations:

  • “O” level: All senior & managerial positions fall under this category.
  • “A” level: Professional jobs along with relevant University education.
  • “B” level: Skill labor category along with college education or apprentice training.
  • “C” level: Semi-skill category with secondary school or any special training.
  • “D” level: Semi or non-skill category with no specific formal education.
NOC will be replaced by TEER with six categories:

TEER 0: This level will cover all the managerial & senior levels that exist in the NOC O category.

TEER 1: This level covers jobs that will require have University Degree, almost similar to NOC A.

Moreover, TEER 1 will include profiles in TEER 2 as well whomsoever has several years of work experience in their field.

TEER 2: At this level, profiles must have post-secondary education, as well as candidates, must be established at the supervisory level.

Moreover, TEER 3 occupations along with several years of work experience can include in TEER 2 category.

TEER 3: This level will require post-secondary education or apprenticeship of fewer than two years, or if the candidate has a secondary level of schooling then must need to have more than six-month on-job training.

TEER 4 candidates with several years of experience will qualify for TEER 3 category as well.

TEER 4: Applicants must have a secondary school of education with a few months of job training.

TEER 5: This level has no demand for formal education.

Apart from TEER 0 & TEER 5, candidates from other TEER categories can move to the higher category level based on their several years of work experience even if they don’t have the desired education as per the level requirement. Henceforth, several years of work experience will be calculated to be equivalent to a formal degree or education.

TEER Categories and Examples of Jobs

TEEROccupation typesExamples
TEER 0Management or Senior Manager-Advertising, Marketing and
Public Relations Managers,
Sales Manager, IT Manager, etc
-Financial Managers
TEER 1Occupations that usually require a
University Degree or relevant education
Financial Advisors and Software
Engineers, Mechanical or
Telecommunication Engineer
TEER 2Occupations that usually require a
College Diploma Apprenticeship Training
of 2 or more years, or Supervisory
-Computer Network and Web
-Medical Laboratory
Technologists and Bakers
TEER 3Occupations that usually require a
college diploma apprenticeship training
of less than 2 years, or more than 6
months of on-the-job training
Dental Assistants and Dental
laboratory assistants
TEER 4Occupations that usually require a
post-secondary education, or more
then 3 months of job training/
-Home Childcare Providers
-Retail Salespersons and Visual Merchandisers
TEER 5Occupations that usually don’t demand
any kind of formal education
-Landscaping and Grounds
Maintenance Laborers
-Delivery Service drivers and
door-to-door Distributors
Occupations that will qualify for Express Entry:

Post this TEER rule, there are certain occupations that will be included in the Express Entry eligible list. Based on their qualification, work experience, the following profiles will get the nominations from the Express Entry system which were not in the eligibility list before:

  • Payroll Administrator
  • Dental Laboratory Assistant
  • Correctional Service Officer
  • Pharmacy Assistants
  • Nurse Assistants
  • Elementary & Secondary School Teacher Assistants
  • Installation & Repair Service Worker
  • Pest Controllers & Fumigators
  • Transport Truck Drivers
  • Bus Drivers & other Transit Operators
  • By-law Enforcement & other officers
  • Other Repair & services
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Aircraft Assemble & Maintenance Officer

NOC to TEER can be a huge change from the workforce management point of view in Canada.

The new TEER rule will certainly allow more international workers or skill labors to join their workforce to fulfil the void.

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