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How to sponsor your child for Canada Immigration?

The ‘Family Class Sponsorship‘ program helps people who are living away from their family members to sponsor them to Canada. It helps the Canadian PR’s & citizens to bring their parents, grandparents, spouse or common law partner & children to Canada.

Sponsor your children for Canada Migration

Dependent children, whether they are biological or adopted, can be sponsored to live in Canada with their parents.

Following are the requirements to sponsor your child to Canada:

You must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident living in Canada, intending to return to Canada, or a person registered under the Indian Act of Canada
  • Be able to provide for the basic needs of the dependent child
  • Be able to prove your relationship to your child
  • Not have a criminal record, be in prison, charged with a serious offense, or be bankrupt
  • Not be in default of a previous sponsorship undertaking or be under immigration investigation
  • Not be receiving income assistance, except for reasons of disability
To be eligible for sponsorship, the child must be:
  • The biological or adopted child of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Are not married or in a common law relationship
  • Are under the age of 22

A child over the age of 22 may qualify as a dependant providing that they meet two requirements:

  • They suffer from a mental or physical condition that prevents them from being able to support themselves
  • They have depended on their parents for financial support since before the age of 22

The dependent child must remain unmarried and should not be in common law relationship, starting from the processing of application till he/she will become PR.

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