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How Will Canada’s Express Entry Change in 2023?

Canada has been preparing to update the selection procedure for Express Entry applicants for 2023.

From the coming new year, IRCC has planned to use new authorities to held Express Entry draws for inviting international candidates to apply for Permanent Residency.

The immigration minister updated that the previous Express Entry had competitive advantage, but still needed improvement.

The new C-19 Bill will allow the country to invite Express Entry candidates in a new way to support the econimc goals in the country.

Who will be invited for the same?

The new update says that the immigration minister would have a consultation with provinces, business councils, and stakeholders to identify which candidates to invite.

The new authority has been focusing, to invite candidates based on the economic needs and labor shortages of the country.

The job vacancies in the healthcare sector stood at 6%, government has taken several measures to fill the vacancies by removing the barriers for internationally trained physicians, who are already living in Canada & the more recently announced Foreign Credential Recognition Program.

Probably the further Express Entry draws my target only healthcare professionals to fill up the vacant positions.

Why is the system changing?

Due to the low birth rate & aging population, labor shortages have been increasing in Canada. According to the expectations, 9 million Canadians will be reaching the retirement age of 65 by 2030 & the country doesn’t have enough human resources to fill the positions. To maintain its workforce & keep the economy strong Canada has made the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025, targetting the admissions of up to 500,000 new PRs per year by 2025. Around 110,000 applications would be invited through Express Entry.

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