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Impact of IRCC strike on the Immigration Processing

Canada immigration process may face delays in processing the application due to labor disruption in April, which means IRCC will go on a strike. Previously it was announced by the Canadian Government in their official website regarding public servants possibly going on a strike from Mid-April onwards.

What is the reason of IRCC Strike?

The main reason for this strike is, Public servants in Canada want to have better pay-scale & want them to be allowed to do work from home. Due to rising inflation, government officials wages didn’t increase.

In a media conference, PSAS informed that civil servants who are no more required, can be removed from the position. As per PSAS, most of the Government member’s payscale is in between $40,000 – $60,000 CAD per year and who are dependent upon the food banks. Although PSAS members also like to continue their job from home, but it will be difficult for them to continue the strike from home.

In order to sustain into the strike, they need to be available at the picket side. The Government & Public Union are in negotiation to avoid any kind of strike which creates an administrative issue in Canada.

IRCC Strike Will Have Impact On Following Services:

There will be a huge impact on IRCC services if this strike will crop up. Some of the services will face a disruption or delay. According to the Canadian official website, applicants may expect delays in following services:

  • Processing applications
  • In-person appointments or events including citizenship ceremonies
  • Contact IRCC via email, phone or social media
  • Consular citizenship applications & passport services
  • Passport services in Canada

However, there are some of the IRCC services that are available for the applicants:

  • Apply online
  • Mail application to IRCC
  • Use the applicant’s online account
  • Access some emergency services

The following services which are offered by some Non-Governmental organizations will remain available:

  • Settlement services from the partner organizations
  • Health care through the interim Federal health program
  • Visa application centers outside of Canada

Canadian Border service agency (CBSA) are expecting their services to remain open without any disruption. However, the Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC) which is a department of Labour market impact assessment (LMIA) is expecting a service disruption to process the “Temporary Foreign Worker Program” application.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser had informed earlier in a media conference that IRCC processing time has recovered from the pandemic crisis, and the number of backlogs had reduced due to post that global issue. Canadian officials were increasing the number of workforce in order to avoid any delay in processing applications. However, while the Canada immigration process was recovering from the debacle, this potential strike news can certainly make an impact on the processing time. IRCC hasn’t unveiled how much delay they are expecting on TRV (employment, tourist/visit, student visa)

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