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IRCC Invites Another 3,600 Candidates From Healthcare Occupation Category

IRCC held the third Express Entry draw for this week inviting 3,600 healthcare occupations in Category-based selection. The minimum CRS score required is 776 to apply for permanent residency.

The first Express Entry draw for this week was all-program draw held on October 24. The draw invited 1,548 candidates with a minimum CRS score of 776.

The second draw for the week was held on October 25 which invited 300 candidates with French speaking proficiency. The candidates required the minimum CRS score of 486.

Healthcare shortage in Canada:

Due to lowest birth rates globally & aging population, Canada is having a shortage in healthcare sector. It has been estimated that 9 million Canadians will reach the retirement age of 65 within next 7 years.

According to Canadian Statistics for job vacancy data, it has 1,44,500 vacant positions within healthcare and social assistance sector as of March 2023, or 17.7% of all unfilled positions.

There are some provinces who already hold the targeted draws for healthcare professionals through PNP draws. Alberta recently launched a Designated Healthcare Pathway, under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program, British Columbia invites healthcare professionals in almost every BC PNP draw and Ontario recently invited 318 foreign workers in a healthcare occupation.

Different categories has been choosen for category based draws after having the discussion with provincial & territorial governments & the other stakeholders helps IRCC to understand where the biggest labour force gaps exist.

The candidates who’s occupations comes under the specific categories should have atleast 6 months of continous work experience in one of the listed occupations within past 3 years. The experience can be either within Canada or out of Canada.

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  1. IRCC Invites Another 3,600 Candidates From Healthcare Occupation Category

  2. […] The department issued 3,600 invitations to apply (ITAs) in a category-based selection draw for healthcare occupations. · Today's draw  […]

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