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Manitoba invites 459 PNP Candidates

On October 21, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) issued a total of 459 immigration candidates for Canadian permanent residence.

Among these, 94 invitations went out to candidates in Express Entry.

The invitations are as follows:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba388 invitations with a minimum score of 375
Skilled Workers Overseas39 invitations with a minimum score of 716
International Education Stream37 invitations with no score requirement
manitoba pnp
Manitoba Immigration Programs:

Immigration Programs for Manitoba are managed by MPNP. It also supports immigration applications to the federal government. Different provinces in Canada can help an application along with issuing provincial nominations but they can’t issue PR.

Manitoba’s nominations can be benefited by registering EOI, Expression Of Interest with MPNP. Then-candidate receives an LAA through Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Workers Overseas streams.
After that candidates are ranked out of 10,000 points for human capital factors and connections in the province.

Skilled Workers from both the categories, Manitoba and Overseas allow the province to identify the candidate who meets labor market needs.
Candidates are required to demonstrate their connections to the province by the medium of the likes of close family ties, previous experience there, or an invitation through one of Manitoba’s Strategic Recruitment Initiatives. The candidate need not stay in Manitoba to become eligible for the application.

The candidate should have a full-time job offer from the provincial employer to receive an invitation under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba and the international students who have completed their graduation in Manitoba can receive an application under the International Education Stream if they show can their in-demand skills.

About Express Entry:

It is an application management system that manages applications for the economic immigration programs of CanadaCanadia Experience ClassFederal Skilled Worker Program, & the Federal Skilled Trades Program are the three programs that use Express Entry. PNP candidates in the Express Entry have already qualified for one of these programs.

Express Entry uses CRS, Comprehensive Ranking System which is a points-based system used to rank the profiles of the candidates. The top-scoring candidates receive an ITA and then they can apply for PR through regular Express Entry draws.

PNP candidates automatically earn 600 points in their score for CRS, Comprehensive Ranking System so they have good chances of getting an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for PR via Express Entry.

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