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New Update By IRCC Minister On Processing & Backlog In 2022

In the new update, IRCC reports an overall reduction of half million this year. The number is almost double the total appplications that had been processed in previous year.

By the end of 2022, IRCC has planned to admit the record breaking number of applications that is 4,13,000. Most of the applicants were under the Temporary Residence category.

Around 7,00,000 Work Permits & 6,70,000 Study Visas have been processsed in the year 2022.

“Our government has reduced the pandemic backlogs by nearly half a million, while also processing a record-breaking number of immigration applications this year,” says Immigration Mnister Sean Fraser, “Our actions are ensuring that we can continue to welcome & support newcomers who come to Canada to work, sudy, visit, or settle here. It is through the dedication and hard work of those who administer our immigration system, and our willingness to modernize and adapt that we are able to uphold Canada’s reputation as a welcoming & inclusive country.”

IRCC has been facing huge backlog of applications because of the travel restrictions and office closures during Covid-19 pandemic.
In order to cope up with the situation, IRCC has took several measures to correct the operational inefficiencies. It has made made the complete application process digitalized.

Apart from this, it has announced that it would hire 1,250 new staff by the end of this year to make the visa application processing more effcient.

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Canada plans to welcome the highest number of candidates:

According to the Immigration Levels Plans 2023-2025, Canada plans to invite 5,00,000 new PR’s each year in the country by the end of 2025. The country is urgently looking to fill gaps in the labor force. According to the expectations by the government, 9 million people of the country will reach their retirement age by 2030 & there is no young human resource to fill the positions.

Over the past year, Canada extended the Work Permits to the spouses and working age dependents of temporary foreign workers &, lifted the 20 hours per week work cap for international students.

Also there was an expansion in Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) & Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot. The Economic Mobility Pilot Program had received additional funding to support 2000 skilled refugees.

In the healthcare sector, government has removed the barriers for physicians who are already in the country on temporary work visas. The introduction of Foreign Credential Recognition Program to support labour market integration of skilled newcomers into health sector.

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