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Planning to visit UK? Apply Now & Get visa approval in 15 days

According to the new update, the UK govt will process the visit visa applications within 15 days & the priority applications will be processed in 5 days.

More than 258,000 Indian applications got approval this year which is 89% more than the applications from the previous year.

Around 103,000 work visa applications were issued to Skilled Workers and Seasonal Workers & 118,000 student visa applications.

Student Visa slots for January 2023 have also been opened.

The UK has always been a preferable country for Indian Students, Professionals & Entrepreneurs. India has become the largest source of overseas students in the UK. Speeding up the visa processing will make it more convenient for Indian applicants to apply & get their visa approvals.
The govt of the Uk always tries to ease the migration procedure for Indians to move to the country easier.

UK tourist visa

“Good news for those travelling from India to UK- visit visas now within standard time of 15 working days (with a small number of trickier cases taking longer),” British High Commissioner Alex Ellis said in a tweet.

Extra slots for student visas have also been opened, to keep up with the January, 2023 intake, Ellis added, “Please apply as quickly as you can because there is a lot of demand.”

“Make sure you provide the right information. Check what information we are asking for, and make sure you provide it.”

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