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Quebec PNP Draw: 1,433 New Applications Invited

On September 5, Quebec has invited 1,433 candidates in its recent draw. Invited candidates should have a minimum CRS score of 586 to apply for permanent residency.

Quebec is the only province that considers French as the official language. According to Quebec scale of people’s French proficiency levels, eligible candidates required a level 7 oral proficiency (or higher) in French to promote French and protect its status in Quebec.

QSWP Eligibility

The candidate must obtain sufficient points based on the Quebec Immigration selection grid.

The grid is composed of nine factors:

  • education;
  • work experience;
  • age;
  • knowledge of French and English;
  • stay and family in Quebec;
  • validated job offer;
  • spouse’s characteristics;
  • presence of children;
  • ability to be financially independent.
Calculate Points for Quebec Immigration

The province has also released its immigration admission targets for next year. It will invite candidates through its economic immigration programs such as Quebec Skilled Worker Program, QSWP, and the Québec experience program, PEQ.

More than 70,000 foreign nationals will be admitted to the province next year. It will target around 49,500 to 52,500 immigrants across all the categories and an additional 18000 to meet the unfulfilled targets of 2020.

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