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IELTS Training & Post landing

IELTS Training


If you have been thinking of working or studying abroad, you must have heard of IELTS. 

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English language test. It evaluates the English language ability of candidates who wish to work or study in countries where the language of communication is English.

Did you know that more than 6,000 organizations across the world recognize IELTS? These include universities, immigration authorities, employers, professional bodies, and other government agencies.

If you are thinking of working or studying in countries like Canada, Australia, UK, or New Zealand, IELTS is a mandatory part of the immigration process.

Components of IELTS

IELTS tests the English language ability of candidates in four components- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

There is no pass or fail in IELTS. Results are reported as band scores on a scale of 1 to 9, where 1 is the lowest and 9 is the highest.

Here is how the IELTS band score scale looks like:

IELTS Band Score Scale
9 Expert user
8 Very good user
7 Good user
6 Competent user
5 Modest user
4 Limited user
3 Extremely limited user
2 Intermittent user
1 Non-user
0 Did not attempt the test


The reading module of IELTS consists of 40 questions. Each question carries 1 point. Based on your score, you are then awarded a Band between 1 and 9. 

The duration of the reading module is 60 minutes.


The listening module also contains 40 questions. You will be allowed to listen to the recorded material at the examination center once. Once the recording is over, candidates are given 10 minutes to answer the questions based on the recorded material.

The duration of the listening module is 30 minutes.


In the writing module, candidates need to complete two tasks in 60 minutes. The first task is to write about 150 words on a given topic. Candidates get about 20 minutes to complete the first task.

For the second task, candidates get 40 minutes to write about 250 words.


Speaking Module is basically an informal discussion between candidate and the IELTS examiner. It is divided into 3 parts and it is designed to test the grammar, fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary of the candidate.

The duration of speaking module is 11-14 minutes

Importance of IELTS

IELTS is not just for assessing your English language ability. It is extremely important if you are considering studying or migrating abroad, especially in countries like Canada and Australia.

Both Canada and Australia follow a points-based system for immigration. Language proficiency scores can add a considerable number of points to your points tally.

The better you score on your IELTS test, the higher your language proficiency scores, and the higher your chances of successful immigration.

If you are a student aspiring to study abroad, a higher IELTS score could make it easier for you to secure admission to the university of choice.

Even for skilled professionals, a higher IELTS score means better English capability. Employers overseas prefer to hire candidates who have great English language skills. When you do well on your IELTS, you better your chances of securing employment overseas.

Why choose Niyama Immigrations for IELTS?

At Niyama Immigration, we understand the importance of preparation and scoring well on your IELTS. We offer high-quality structured study material for both intermediate and advanced level IELTS takers.

We offer customized classes, both online and offline, catering to the specific needs of the students. Our approach to supporting and coaching students is unique, as we use various interactive learning mediums so that students have a greater understanding of the material.

We offer weekly lessons and regular progress reports so that students can understand where they stand and how much more effort they need to put in.

At Niyama Immigration, we work with certified trainers who come with extensive experience in training students and immigration aspirants to crack IELTS with ease.

Post landing services with Niyama Immigrations

The immigration process is just the beginning of the journey. With Niyama Immigrations, our support continues even after you have moved abroad in the form of post landing services.

We offer the following post-landing services in Canada:

  • Accommodation assistance 

We offer support in finding the right accommodation in the city of your choice and in your budget.

  • Social Insurance Number

You need a social insurance number to work in Canada and get access to govt. programs and benefits. At Niyama, we provide guidance on how to obtain your SIN.

  • Getting medical benefits

We support you in getting access to healthcare in Canada for you and your family.

  • Getting kids education benefits

We support you in getting access to free education in Canada for your dependent children.

  • Job assistance

We guide you in the process of finding a job in Canada.

  • Assistance for acquiring a license

If your profession is regulated in Canada, we assist you in acquiring a license so that you can work in the country.

  • Assistance in getting a driving license

We guide you on how to obtain a driving license in Canada.

  • Opening a bank account

We help you in opening a bank account in Canada.

  • Provide information related to seminars  conducted by ICCRC

The Govt. of Canada conducts several seminars to help immigrants adjust to life in Canada. We provide timely information about such seminars conducted by ICCRC.

We Niyama Immigrations, you are never alone in Canada.

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