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Singapore Study Visa

Singapore Study Visa

singapore study visa

Singapore is one of the popular destinations for international students who are seeking world-class education & better lifestyle. Likewise, world-class universities & colleges as well as one of the best education systems with affordable fees in Singapore easily pulls a huge number of international students each year. The most imperative step which will allow you to study there is a Singapore Study visa.

Here, you will get all the information related to the Singapore study visa explained below:

What is a Singapore Student Pass?

In Singapore, a visa is called a “Pass”

Any international student who is applying for a study visa in Singapore is called a “Student Pass”. Even universities in Singapore are also commonly recognized as IHL (Institutes of Higher Learning).

  • All student pass need to submit through Singapore’s official Registration System which is firmly called, SOLAR (Student Pass Online Application & Registration)
  • The application process for student passes has to be created at least one month before the start of the semester
  • Application for student passes is directly evaluated & processed through, Singapore Immigration & Checkpoint Authority”. If the applicant’s age is 20 or above, and taking admission in any of these courses like Language, Vocational, Arts, etc, then the Embassy may demand an interview with the candidate
  • International students who wish to apply for a work permit post completion of their study in Singapore can apply for a “Visit pass”. A visit pass will allow the candidates to stay in Singapore for one year, during this time candidates can search for employment. If the candidate receives any full-time employment, then the visit pass will be converted to an “Employment pass”

Document checklist for Singapore Students Pass:

  • Valid Passport (should be valid for at least 3 months after the study program)
  • Valid Identity Proof
  • Current Photograph
  • Letter of Acceptance from Singapore University
  • Copy of eForm 16 & Form V36 (from SOLAR)
  • Comprehensive study plan
  • Medical Certificate (as per ICA requirement)
  • In-principle Approval Letter
  • Language Test Score
  • Application fees (SGD 30 upon submission of the application, SGD 60 upon the issuance of the student pass)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Academic Certifications & Transcripts
  • Proof of Funds

Steps for Students to pass an application process:

New applications for student passes must be submitted at least 1 month before the commencement of the course. Applications must be submitted through the student‘s pass on Line application & Registration system (SOLAR).

Registration of Application by an Institute of Higher Learning before international student submit an application for student pass through SOLAR, the college must register the student through SOLAR with the following information mentioned below:

  • Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and Nationality of the student
  • Course details, Course commencement, Course end date
  • SOLAR application reference number

Form 16 submission by the student

Once the college will register the student, he needs to log in to SOLAR to submit eForm 16. Students must need to follow the instructions mentioned below before logging in to SOLAR:

  • A registration acknowledgment notice with the login information provided by the College/University.
  • Passport Details
  • Address & Contact Details of Singapore (if not available, provide college registered address)
  • Applicant’s phone number & email address
  • One passport-size photograph

After submission of eForm 16 through SOLAR, students need to take a printout of eForm submission to the student’s unit pass, ICA, to complete the formalities of the Student’s Pass.

Key points of Singapore Study Visa:

  • Fast visa processing (maximum 25-30 days)
  • GAP is acceptable (in some of the colleges
  • Eligible to study post 10 the past
  • No IELTS is required (in some of the colleges)
  • On-Job paid training during the study
  • Pathway to UK, Canada, Australia

The rejection rate of Singapore student visa:

Every year thousands of Indian students move to Singapore to pursue their higher education. The entire process is complex & require multiple steps to clear.

Applying for a student visa in Singapore doesn’t give any assurance that applicants will receive the positive response because authorities have the right to deny their application. However, the chances are less to get a rejection in Singapore. But, as per the ratio, study visa success rate for Singapore is more than 90%.

Some of the reasons for rejections are mentioned below:

  • Incomplete or fraudulent documents
  • Unable to fulfill the requirement as per visa document checklist
  • English proficiency score

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