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Six provinces of Canada are set to increase minimum wage rates

Six of the ten provinces in Canada will raise their regional minimum wage rates from October 1, 2023.

The government had made an impactful move by raising the Canada’s federal minimum wage from $15.55 to $16.65.

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) stated that, around 26,000 working Canadians earn less than $15.55 per year.

Minimum wage increases will be as follows:

ProvincesWage Rates
OntarioUp to $16.55 from $15.50
ManitobaUp to $15.30 from $14.15
SaskatchewanUp to $14.00 from $13.00
Nova Scotia  Up to $15.00 from $14.50
Newfoundland and LabradorUp to $15.00 from $14.50
Prince Edward Island (PEI)Up to $15.00 from $14.50

The increase in federal minimum wage has affected the employess in federally regulated occupations as well as a significant number of recent Canadian newcomers.

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