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Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa

spouse visa canada

Spouse Visa

If you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, you can sponsor your spouse to come and live with you in Canada permanently. A Spouse Visa is your way of sponsoring your spouse or common-law partner to come live with you permanently in Canada.

Requirements for Spouse Visa

Here are the requirements for a Spouse Visa:

  • You must be a PR or citizen of Canada.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must be living in Canada, or plan to return to Canada when your spouse/partner has obtained permanent residence in Canada.
  • You are willing to fulfil the basic financial needs of your spouse/partner for at least three years.

If you are married and want to sponsor your spouse/partner, you may need the following evidence:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Wedding invitation and photographs
  • If you have children, you will need their birth certificates or adoption papers.

You may also need the following evidence:

  • Proof of any assets that you and your spouse own together. Shared bank accounts
  • Shared bank accounts
  • Utility bills with both your names
  • Proof of identity. You could submit any govt-issued ID.
  • Address proof showing that both of you live at the same address.

How long does sponsorship take?

The entire Spouse Visa process takes at least 12 months or more from the beginning to the final visa outcome. It may take longer if your case is “complicated” or the immigration officer asks for additional proof of your relationship.

How long does sponsorship take?

Here is a break-down of the Spouse Visa fees:

HTML Tables
Sponsorship fee CAD 75
Primary Applicant processing fee CAD 475
Right of permanent residence fee CAD 500
Biometrics fee CAD 85
Total CAD 1185

If you live in Quebec or plan to live in Quebec after your spouse gets Canadian PR,  you will need an additional CAD 289.

If you have children, you will need to pay CAD 150 for each child.

Unlike other Canadian Family Visas, you do not need to show any minimum income to sponsor your spouse/partner to Canada.

Common-law sponsorships

In Canada, common-law relationships are treated the same way as conventional marriages. To be able to sponsor your common-law partner, you must prove that you are a couple and have been living together for more than a year in a marriage-like relationship.

If you wish to sponsor your common-law partner to Canada, you may need the following evidence:

  • Evidence that you have been in a conjugal relationship, such as photographs of the two of you together.
  • Evidence that you have lived together for a year or more.
  • Evidence that proves that you are each other’s common-law partner, such as insurance or employment benefits.
  • Evidence of shared expenses or any other financial support between you and your common-law partner.
  • You may also need to provide evidence that your relationship is recognized by your family and friends.
  • If you have children, you may need to submit their birth certificates/adoption papers.

Why do you need expert help for a Spouse Visa?

You need expert help like Niyama Immigrations for a Spouse Visa because you cannot afford a negative outcome for your Visa. 

For other Visa categories, say a Work Visa, if you can’t migrate to one country, you always have the option of migrating to another. In the case of a Spouse Visa, there is no such option. The only option you have to live together with your spouse or partner is to migrate legally to Canada. Hence, filing a Spouse Visa should not be taken lightly. You need expert advice to navigate the complex process of a Spouse Visa with care for a successful outcome.

Getting all the documents to prove your relationship may not be as easy as it looks. There may be times that you may need to get creative. That is where our Registered Migration Agents at Niyama Immigration can offer their expert guidance. They can provide step-by-step guidance on how to gather all the necessary documents for a Spouse Visa. If you don’t have a particular document, they may be able to let you know the alternatives.

Remember, unlike other Visa categories, granting a Spouse Visa depends totally on the discretion of the immigration officers. Only if they are convinced that your relationship is genuine, will you be granted a Spouse Visa. Hence, you just can’t ignore the importance of a Registered Migration Agent.

A Registered Migration Agent is an expert on Canadian Immigration laws. The Agent is well-aware of all the latest developments and changes in the immigration rules and regulations. The Agent also knows all the necessary documents that you will need, and also alternatives for those that you don’t have.

A Registered Migration Agent would be able to present your case in a way that seems more convincing for a successful outcome.