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Top Requirements To study in Australia in 2024

Australia is one of the popular destinations for international students in the last decades due to cultural diversity, flexible immigration process, high quality of education, ample opportunity for employment & residential permit (post-study) options. International students have a high range of options while they consider studying in Australia.

Benefits of Studying in Australia:

There are several reasons which certainly make Australia a priority destination for international students.

  • World’s Top-Ranking Universities
  • Diversity of Education
  • Amazing Climate & Opulent Lifestyle
  • Better Economic growth which certainly beneficial for students to find better placement
  • Low Cost of Living
  • Students can Work Full-time during their studies
  • Post-Study 4-5 years of Work Permit
  • Easy to get Permanent Residency, Post-Study in Australia
  • High-Paid Employment Opportunities & can settle in other Overseas Countries
Australia Student Visa Requirements:

Subclass 500 (Australia student visa) can be maximum valid for 5 years. The course that students wish to pursue must be registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for
overseas students (CRICOS).

  • Electronic confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) certificate- This is the confirmation of your enrolment in an Australian University
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement – This is proof of your intention of you to come to Australia only for studying & not to settle down
  • Results of tests in the English language like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE if you are a non-native English speaker
  • Overseas student health cover (OHSC)- Should be approved by the Australian government (This insurance will provide you with basic Medical & Hospital coverage)
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds – which can cover all expenses during your study in Australia
  • Proof of Visa Fee Payment
  • Verification of your Criminal Record
  • Recent Passport-size Photograph
Funds required to Study in Australia:

Applicants must need to have sufficient funds which are genuinely available to pay their course fees, travel & fulfill living expenses for themselves as well as for their dependents while they are in Australia.

There are a few acceptable ways in which you can show your financial evidence for the Australian Student visa

  • Deposit of money from a financial institution (Bank Balance)
  • Loans from a financial institution 
  • Government loan
  • Any private or government scholarship / other financial support
Australia Funds requirement Option 1:

The living cost for a single student for 12 months is AUD$21,041. For a spouse/dependent an additional AUD$7362 has to be provided. If the dependent is under 18 the additional amount is AUD$3152.

If in your student visa application you have added school-aged children to be accompanying you, then the cost of school is also added to your Australian visa financial requirements. The cost can vary from state to state but it is approximated at AUD$8000 per year. 

In addition to these, AUD$2000 is required as your travel expenses and your course fee for a year which can range from AUD$20,000 – AUD$50,000 depending on your university.

australia study visa
Australia Funds requirement Option 2:

In this case, you have to show an annual income of at least AUD$60,000 of your own or your parent’s. The income of your spouse is also considered here. Here, the parents or spouse who is sponsoring must not travel with the student. 

For any dependent traveling with the student, AUD$ 70,000 has to be shown as proof of annual income.

Calculation of Funds for an Australia Student Visa for an individual applicant or with family

The total fund required for your student visa can be easily calculated if you know the cost breakdowns. Whether you go for a 1-year course or 3 years, your proof of funds for an Australian student visa must cover 12 months of your study initially.

For a single applicant, the fund calculation has given below:

Living Cost$21,041
Travel Expenses$2000
Course Fee$25,000 (Approximated per year)
Health Insurance  $1350 (Approximated)

For applicants with a spouse & children:

Living Cost$21,041
Travel Expenses$2000
Course Fee$25,000 (Approximated per year)
Health Insurance  $1350 (Approximated)
Spouse / Dependent$7362
Children under 18$3152
Top Universities in Australia:
QS World University RankingsUniversity NameQS World University  RankingsUniversity Name
24The Australian National University218University of Wollongong
39The University of Melbourne244Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
42The University of Sydney250Curtin University
45The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)250Macquarie University
48The University of Queensland250RMIT University
59Monash University264University of South
91The University of Western Australia287University of Tasmania
114The University of Adelaide309Deakin University
160University of Technology Sydney329Griffith University
214The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)369James Cook University


Can I bring my spouse on a Student Visa to Australia?

If you are coming to Australia on a study visa, then you are certainly eligible to bring your spouse & children along with you as a dependent. If you are including your dependent in your original student visa, then must include their details or your original form 157A.

Do I have to attend any Interview to get a student visa for Australia?

Students don’t need to attend any interview from the home affairs, however, on certain occasions, University can conduct an interview releasing the final offer letter.

What is GTE?

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement -This paperwork proves that you are a genuine temporary entrant. This is essential to demonstrate that your aim in coming to Australia is to study and that you will return to your native country once your studies or work experience is completed.
The Department of Home Affairs evaluates your visa application on the following criteria:
-Your economic position in your home country
-Your immigration history
-Potential circumstances for you in Australia
-Relevance of your course to your future career
To check if you meet the GTE requirements, you may be asked to attend an interview at the Australian embassy close to you.

Is it possible to work on a study visa?

In 2022, Australia removed the restriction on work for international students during their studies. Therefore, now international students can work full-time during their studies.

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