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What Are The Best countries in the world to study, live and work

What Are The Best countries in the world to study, live and work

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Wanting to live in a country for the amazing food and housing is something we all have dreamt of since childhood, but wanting to live in a country for quality education, health care, job security, political stability, individual freedom and environmental quality is something we realize when we all grow up. 

It has been proven by social scientists that living a life with access to security like health care and a secure job leads to mental peace which helps the person live a long healthy life. 

Moving to a foreign country can be very exciting yet a little terrifying, but the amazing exposure to a new culture and experiences will help your moving process slightly easier. Moreover, raising a family abroad based on quality of education, social benefits, safety, nature, social tolerance, health services, childcare services and quality of life is beneficial.

Hence here are some countries that we have listed for you to live in for a better lifestyle for you and your family. 

1. Australia

australia migration

Australia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Economically and politically it is a very stable country, hence, it is ranked one out of top 3 globally under the quality of life. The country is suited the best for children as it pays great attention to health, integration and quality of life. Parents are offered financial support for up to 18 weeks to help parents that have to take time off from work to take care of a newborn or recently adopted child. Australia’s identity is defined by its multiculturalism by its evident array of cuisines available on every block. In recent years many non-English speaking immigrants have migrated to AUS and they have immensely influenced the dynamic of the local culture. 

2. Ireland

ireland migration

Ireland may be a small country but it has an enormous amount of offers, including an incredibly rich culture, diverse artistic talent and lively people and gorgeous, lush landscapes. Practically all of the biggest tech and pharma companies in the world have their European HQs in Ireland. This is because of low corporate tax rates and the skilled local workers. Ireland is a great place to do business. All those tech companies are here for a reason beyond the low tax rate, and that is because they have a highly educated workforce who help them deliver world class results. Their colleges are world class with the likes of Trinity leading the way. While the scenery is incredible and a lot of things in this list go in your favor it is without doubt the people who make Ireland what it is. Friendly, helpful, funny and full of wit.

3. Canada

canada migration

Canada has a reputation for a very long time for being one the most welcoming and friendly places on earth. It is also considered to be one of the safest places to live. If you have been looking for the ideal place to immigrate to a country for the most amount of benefits, look no further because Canada is the answer for you. Canada is well known for its high standard of living combined with the quality of life. Not only has it got the right balance between work and play, but also the perfect environment to enjoy both. Canada’s economy is growing, and growth inspires more need which opens up all sorts of opportunities for all kinds of professions. It is really built for families. In the suburban streets, there’s a feeling of safety and togetherness with lots of community events such as barbecues and festivals catering to families with kids. The healthcare system offers free basic health services to everyone, whether the person can afford it or not. 


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