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Why Canada has become the popular destination for Indians to migrate?

With the fastest growing Indian-Canadian Communities, Canada has become the second-largest non-European group after Chinese Canadians. Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta & Quebec provinces have the highest number of Indian-Canadian Communities. One of the Forbes reports said, Indians who got PR in Canada have been increased by more than 105%.

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According to Global Peace Index 2021, Canada has been ranked as the 6th safest country in the world in the terms of political stability, internal disputes, crime rates, or friendliness of the people. Peter Rekai, Founder of Toronto-based immigration law firm Rekai LLP quoted that Canada is benefiting from a diversion of young Indian tech workers from US destinations, largely because of challenges of obtaining and renewing H-1B visits and finding a reliable route to US permanent residence.

Along with Australia, the US & U.K, Canada has become the best study abroad destination. There are several compelling reasons for Indian students who are aspiring to study abroad to choose Canada as their final destination.

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  • Canada offers the cost-productive education facilities which is the main reason that most people want to choose it as their study destination.
  • Canadian Degrees are qualified all over the world. International students can take advantage of many opportunities to become part of furthering research in telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, computer technology, and environmental science. It provides advanced education facilities in its colleges.
  • International Students after getting their Master’s Degrees from Canadian Colleges can apply for a post-study visa for 3 years of timeframe. There are new approaches as well for Indian students like SDS, Study Direct Stream, and PGWPP, Post Graduation Work License Program.
  • It provides the most protected, and satisfactory living conditions to the people living there in terms of social as well as money-related security which is the reason it drives most of the traffic from the Indians.
  • The majority of students look for job opportunities before selecting their study destination. So, Canada opens its doors for all those people by providing smooth migration and post-study work visa facilities.
  • Canada provides extremely safe banking facilities because its banks have been ranked as the world’s most stable banking services by World Economic Forum.
  • Besides all the benefits, Canada is a very beautiful place to live, there are a number of coastal sceneries to enjoy and Canadian cities like Toronto & Calgary are listed among the world’s cleanest cities.
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